How do I add URLs/terms for Google Local tracking?

Local tracking of terms can be added from Advanced Add, Add Wizard, or in Bulk Add. This is only for Google engines.

A location can be added for Organic Local, Mobile, Snack Pack, Videos or Local Finder tracking types.

Location can be set starting from a country (for the widest location) and up to deep exact locations, as a zip code or a neighborhood (for big cities).

In the Location field, select a location from the list, using the auto complete.

We recommend using the exact location needed. 

At least one Google search engine should be selected prior to selecting the location.

A Language can be also selected to specify Google’s UI language. 

The specified parameters will be added and will focus the tracking on geo targeted results returned from the engine.

The location and language settings will be displayed in the URL View, reports, etc. in the “Location” and “Language” columns.

If you choose to track Google Snack Pack or Local Finder results, be sure to enter the business name.

When adding from the Advanced Add, be sure not to add spaces between the URL and the business name (|Business).

If you choose to track both Local Organic and Snack Pack/Videos for the same terms,

both terms will be counted as only one term out of your terms capacity (in stats and reports it will be displayed as two terms).

*Keep in mind that when choosing as the search engine, its default country is the US.

If you need to check the rank that people from another country get for a searched term on, use Local Tracking and select a location when adding the URLs/Terms.

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